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Raya Haji Special

Pre-order opens from 17th July(Friday) to 24th July 2020(Friday)[Extended to 26th July (Sunday)]

Order now to have it delivered by Raya Haji (29th & 30th July 2020)

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Delivery Option

We will deliver your order right to your doorstep before Raya

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Customer Support

Let us know what you need, we’ll make the arrangement for you

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Hassle free

Safe and secure payment option using Internet Banking

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[section] [title style=”center” text=”INDIVIDUAL PACKS”] [/section]
  • Rendang Daging Palembang

  • Kuah Kacang

  • Lemang Bakar

    RM18.00 / Each
  • Nasi Impit (1 Pek Besar)

    RM3.00 / each
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